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Grey's Anatomy

The new interns

Grey's Anatomy

They're new on the scene and they refer to Meredith as 'Medusa.' 

Two of them have slept with Alex Karev, another has a crippling crush on Jackson Avery, and that's just the beginning!

They're the lastest Grey's interns...

But who are they in real life, and where have you seen them before?


First up is Dr. Jo Wilson , played by Camilla Luddington.  

You'll have seen her before if you watched the American Lifetime Movie, William & Kate - where she played Kate Middleton in the so-bad-it-was-good TV movie version of Prince William and Kate's romance during their time at St Andrew's University.

She's also had roles in True Blood (as the Faerie Claudette, one of Claude's many sisters) and in Californication, where she played Lizzie-the-nanny who hit on Charlie to further her career as an actress.


Dr. Stephanie Edwards is played by Jerrika Hinton. She's had bit parts on a lot of prime-time shows, including Gossip Girl, Ghost Whisperer, Lie To Me and Bones, so she may be naggingly familiar.

Gaius Charles plays Dr. Shane Ross - a role where he's not playing an American football player for once!  

He's  previously been a regular in Friday Night Lights (Brian "Smash" Williams - the jock who clashes with Tim Riggins, as well as hooking up with Tim's girlfriend Tyra) and in Necessary Roughness as Damon Razor, the humble new football recruit who turns out to have faked a new identity.

Veronica Mars fans will recognise Tina Majorino, who plays Dr. Heather Brooks . Tina played VM's best friend and computer-geek Mac on the cult show.

She's also starred in Big Love, as Sarah's co-worker at the fast-food restaurant; played the role of Deb in the movie Napolean Dynamite; been Booth's FBI coworker Special Agent Genevieve Shaw on Bones; and had a regular role on True Blood as Molly, the inventor of the iStake.

Tessa Ferrer plays Dr. Leah Murphy. While she has starred in several short films, this is her first regular role in a TV series.