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Grey's Anatomy

Love a good cry?

Well, with both Izzie and George coding on the table in 2009, the season opener of Grey's Anatomy is sure to get a sob out of even the most hard-hearted viewer.

And we all know that putting the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster journey is something that Grey's excels at.

So thanks to a very scientific and completely unbiased poll of my friends (thanks guys!), here's a list of our Top Saddest Grey's Moments of All Time.

Right, here we go...

#5 Meredith's House of Candles

Meredith finally gets over her issues (sighs of relief all round) and shows Derek her commitment to their future by laying out a floorplan of their yet-to-be-built house. Meredith may try our patience, but every now and then she comes up with the goods. Especially for the romantics out there!

#4 Cristina and Burke Don't get Married

After Cristina navigated Burke's mother, and the eyebrow incident, it was a kick in the guts when Burke left her at the altar. The normally stoic Cristina's heartache resonated with viewers worldwide. 

#3 The Bomb
Meredith's subliminal death wish causes her to be stuck in a room with a suicide bomber patient, stopping the bomb from exploding. She is talked through her rescue by Dylan the Bomb Squad Specialist, who makes it right to the end of the episode before inconsiderately dying when the bomb detonates unexpectedly. The most shocking thing about this episode? Dylan the Bomb Squad Specialist becomes "pink mist." Now there's some terminology we didn't need to know. Poor Dylan.

#2 Izzie's Terminal Cancer
When Izzie finds out the diagnosis for Patient X, it's not good. Watching her struggle to come to terms with her own mortality, followed by her refusal to share the burden with her friends, made this weepfest a slow-burner. On the plus side, this plot device was the cause of Dead Denny. There's always a silver lining...

#1 Denny Dies
In Season Two, to a soundtrack of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars,  Denny finally slipped away on prom night. Who can forget Izzie's refusal to leave his body, and Alex's dashing rescue. Sob. A killer moment, and a foreshadowing of Izzie and Alex's marriage to come.