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Gossip Girl series voice in cameo?

Those of us who loved the TV2 teen series Veronica Mars have always had a soft spot for Kristen Bell, the voice of Gossip Girl in the series.

But if you are looking for her to appear in a guest spot on GG, don't hold your breath.

As reported by aceshowbiz, Kristen has already begged creator Josh Schwartz for a chance to appear in front of the camera for the show. She says, "I've pitched Josh Schwartz a couple of times for me to be on camera as a waitress or something but he wasn't buying it. But hopefully he'll change his mind in the future!"

She also spoke about her interpretation of her role as narrator to "I see [the Gossip Girl voiceover] as the entity that is the Internet. It's like she's reading your diary - or your Sweet Valley High Slam Book, like when I was in school. These websites, there's so much catty interaction. She's the voice of evil... People can interpret it however they want, but I think it's really just supposed to be the opposite of the voice of reason. Like how usually the narrator is the voice of reason, or the conscience. She's the opposite of that."

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