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Bye-bye Aaron

Serena's latest love interest, Aaron Rose, has flown off to South America never to return!

Aaron, played by John Patrick Amedori, made his last appearance on Gossip Girl in the episode 'Oh Brother Where Bart Thou'.

So why did he leave the show?

"Aaron Rose was a big character in the Gossip Girl books, and I know the plan was for him to stay around a little longer," a source told E!online. "But some of the powers that be weren't responding well to the way the character was going."

Reading between the lines, it is generally accepted that the weirdly creepy art-boy Aaron was 'retired early' because studio heads realised fans were not happy with his character.

So who will be next on the scene for Serena? Will Serena and Dan last this time, or will a new white knight appear to sweep her off her feet?

Are you sad to see the back of Aaron Rose, or are you dancing for joy?

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