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Gordon Ramsay Cookalong


Ingredients for Week 6 of the Cookalong

It's Curry Night

And on Chef Ramsay's menu this week is

Starter - Shami lamb kebabs with mint and yoghurt sauce
Main - Chicken tikka masala with rice
Dessert - Marinated Bombay oranges


Shami lamb kebabs with mint and yoghurt sauce - Serves 4

1 small red onion, peeled
1 red chilli
Pinch ground cloves
� tsp fennel seeds
� tsp pink peppercorns (use green or white if pink are unavailable)
1 tsp turmeric powder
350g lamb mince
1 egg yolk
Medium sized bunch of mint
1 lime, zest and juice
200g natural yoghurt
Olive oil or groundnut oil


Chicken Tikka Masala - Serves 4

1 large onion, peeled
2 fresh green chillies
1" piece of ginger, peeled
3 garlic cloves, peeled
� tsp red chilli powder
1tsp turmeric
2tsp garam masala
1 tablespoon soft brown sugar
1tbsp tomato puree
400g tinned chopped tomatoes
4 boneless chicken breasts (approx 150g each), cubed
10 dried curry leaves
4-6 tbsp natural yoghurt
Handful of fresh coriander leaves, chopped

For the steamed rice:
400g basmati rice, rinsed
600ml cold water
3 cardamom pods, lightly crushed
2 star anise

Groundnut oil
Salt and pepper


Marinated Bombay Oranges - Serves 4

4 medium oranges
30g bunch of coriander
30g bunch of mint
150g caster sugar
� pomegranate, seeds only
150ml natural yoghurt


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