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Whanau Wall Clock

How to make a Maori print inspired Whanau wall clock

You will love this project.   I found lovely fabric depicting Maori themed designs at Spotlight which works perfectly as the face design or base for this wall mounted clock.

You will need –

Pre-stretch canvas in a size to suit.

Clock working kit which comes complete with motor, hands and numerals.

Hole punch or object with a sharp end big enough to pierce hole into middle of canvas to fit and fix clock motor.

Sufficient fabric (look in the Kiwiana section) to cover canvas.

Sharp cutting scissors

Staple gun and staples.

Method –

Iron to remove any wrinkles from fabric.

Lay fabric out flat, face side down and then place canvas into middle.

Allow sufficient fabric to come up and around to back of canvas – you’ll need a good several centimetres.

Cut fabric to this measurement, then staple to back side of canvas frame.

Turn work over to the front, then find the exact middle.  Mark, then make a small hole big enough to fit raised portion of clock motor.  This is where the hands fit in.

Remove the little metal nut and washer from this raised section of clock.

Working from the back, push this through hole. 

Reassemble washer and nut.  Screw to make firm.

Insert battery into clock.

Place in this order the hands, small, large and finally the thinner second hand.

Perfect as a gift or to hang pride of place in your Whare