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Wednesday 7 April

Go Girls newcomer Esther Stephens will be joining us. On the hit show Esther plays Olivia, a high flyer who is forced to return to the Shore and crash lands into the lives of Amy, Britta, Cody and Kev.

It's time for our weekly does of celebrity news! Our friendly celebrity insider Nelson Aspen joins us live.

Suzie Moncrieff is the visionary behind the now internationally acclaimed World of WearableArt show - and she is this week's Air NZ Holiday's Inspiring Kiwi!

It's heating up in the boardroom! We talk to the latest Apprentice NZ contestant to be shown the door.

Remember the '80s? We get physical with '80s-style aerobics. Get ready to touch-step with Haley Everingham from Exodus Health and Fitness Club.

Anthony Gallagher of Dunbar Sloane talks about investment art and brings in a Goldie worth over $120K!

Animal advisor Carolyn Press McKenzie shares a few basic steps to good bunny ownership.

Getting your child to sleep through till morning can be a real challenge! Child behaviour consultant Tracie Martin has tips to help minimise those sleepless nights.

The SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) is a thing of the '90s! Today we're all about SNADS - Sensitive New Age Dads. Our Parent Panel is discussing households that have a father running the ship instead of Mum.

Stuck for school holiday ideas?  Practical Parenting guru Kerryn Palmer inspires you to get messy with the kids.

Cooking with Astar - School holiday cooking special! Encourage your children in to the kitchen with budget friendly quick and easy treats! Today Astar makes simple meat pies, easy fruity jam tarts and bunny's energy-rich training cookies.

Why is a well-balanced diet crucial for your dogs' health and wellbeing? Resident vet Viv Harris is in with the second part of her dog health series.