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Wednesday 29 February

He's the godfather of country music and it's his 60th birthday. Make sure you catch what Brendan and Mrs Dugan are doing to celebrate.

He's got the best social life in town. Find out why photographer Norrie Montgomery gets to go to all the A-list events. And he tells us just how influential the social pages have become.

She was an out of control teen until she met the Lemmer's. Find out what happens when Auckland Teen Rene'e Diamond went to live with the World's Strictest Parents.
The new season of World's Strictest Parents starts on Thursday at 8.30pm on TV ONE.

Masterchef Finalist Jax Hamilton is in to cook some recipes from her first cook book, Jax Cooks. Try Chermoula Spicy Lamb Chops and Banoffi Pie with Ginger Crust. NB.Cook Book Competition.

Allyson Gofton is cooking on sticks. Think delicious Koftas and Beef Kebabs.

Have you ever considered that your pet has a special talent and has just what it takes to make it in film or television. Mark Vette runs an animal talent agency and he's in to tell us how Buttons or Bruno could get their big break and to show us some tricks of the trade.

You might be one, be the parent of one... or at the very least know a university student who has taken out a student loan for their tertiary study. Perhaps they already have a big debt? Sorted's David Kneebone is here with advice on how best to manage it.

Find out who won at the Cuisine New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards - and watch to see if Jeanette and Rod can pick a blue from a brie.

He's been called the V-8 of New Zealand comedy. Come and have a laugh with our very own westie, Ewen Gilmour, as he supports the Variety Bash 2012.