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Wednesday 23 June

Who's in the kitchen with Astar? MP Charles Chauvel bakes his famous feijoa crumble, and Astar's here with two great winter warmers - easy salmon soup and winter green soup.

Cartoonist Tom Scott is our Air New Zealand Holidays Inspiring Kiwi.

Today the Parent Panel discusses the trappings of modern-day parents. We welcome John McBeth, Grant Sidaway, Cecilee Donovan and Suzanne Snively.

It's Volunteer Awareness Week and Good Morning speaks to three people heavily involved in the voluntary sector, which has changed markedly over the years and has been altered by the current recession. 
- For more information on volunteering, see the Volunteer NOW! website.

Kathryn Graham from cityfitness is back with a Group Groove class.

Dunbar Sloane antiques dealer Anthony Gallagher discusses a range of antique dolls coming up for auction and assesses your antiques.

Good Morning checks in with vet Dr Viv Harris, who explains how to tell if your dog is overweight and what to do about it.

We find out the latest from our favourite Hollywood insider Nelson Aspen !