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Good Morning

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Wednesday 13 June

After a marathon four MasterChef challenges, the new MasterChef New Zealand title holder is in the kitchen ...


... and we also talk to the runner up.

Warm up your Wednesday with New Zealand reggae band Sons of Zion. They're performing on the show and they also give us an insight into their new business venture.

You'll recognise him from last night's grand finale of MasterChef, Cameron Petley is in the Good Morning kitchen making Ricotta Ravioli, Bubble and Squeak and Chicken with Creamy Tarragon Sauce.

We get the inside story on the school ball scene from the student's and principal's perspectives.

Prepare to be enlightened with Maori Health Practitioners Lui Perez & Tracey Cribb on the ways of traditional Maori healing & how it can be incorporated into modern life.!/TeMaurea

Do you get a feeling of dread at the thought of asking your child to leave the park, get dressed or come for tea? Get tips on encouraging your child to be co-operative from The Parenting Place.

If you thought buying a new car was a financial faux pas ... think again. The tide may be turning on the economics of buying new. Amanda Morrall investigates.

You won't want to miss the adventures of Masport the Arapawa Goat. He lives in the city and is a regular at the local supermarket but he also enjoys hopping in the car going to the beach ... paddle boarding and tramping.

Lynda Hallinan is at Kings Plant Barn with tips on pruning and planting roses. If you think it's hard finding a feed in your vege garden this winter spare a thought for the poor birds. Lynda has ideas for encouraging birds into your garden. Plus the Garden Diary.

And we have a chin wag with our resident Gossip Girl Penny Ashton.