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Wednesday 12 Sept

 Spring has sprung on and we're out to celebrate it on Animal Corner - we're up at Kaitoke animal sanctuary north of Wellington to check in with Carolyn Press McKenzie on how the lambs and calves are going.

 On What's Up Doc? Nic Vallance is back from the deep south to talk about New Zealand's pioneering history, where people staked their future on striking it rich in Otago's goldfields. There are about 1000 gold mining sites on land DOC manages and work is under way to preserve and restore the most significant historic buildings. Nic also visited the Denniston Coal mine, made famous by the recent novel Denniston Rose.

 Les Mills Bodystep fitness instructor Craig Duker and fellow steppers Caroline Duker and Christina Sophocleous have another butt-toning, thigh sculpting workout. Step your way through the programme and give your body a high energy cardioblast. 

 We have the third in an eight-part series from SPARC presented by Ally Todd aimed at getting children more active. Today introducing children to water activities. For further information on getting kids more active in the water and to obtain copies of the bath time booklets and tear out activity cards Ally talked about, please visit:

 Old time favourites music reviewer Robyn Walker takes a look at a pile of CDs for nostalgia buffs.

 Fairgo's Kevin Milne checks in from the Auckland studio. Tonight: Erica fights for a student who's been charged thousands for having the fire service come to the rescue. The fire service didn't charge her, but her building manager did, and now she's been chucked out of her home. How ready should your ready lawn be? Sandra investigates the case of a child care centre that paid for lush green grass for the kids to run on that shrivelled up and died. And Hannah discovers why there's one photo of yourself where you can't put your best face forward. For more details visit keyword: Fair Go

 Our tecko Pat Pilcher has the good oil on how to give the old noggin a bit of a tune up. Featuring the Nintendo DS game "More Brain Training" and "Go! Sudoku" for the Playstation portable (PSP) as well as a swathe of websites, Pat's tips will up your IQ in no time.     Mensa Brain Workout            Genuine IQ test

Pat's website of the week:

 Former Shortland Street star Lynette Forday and fellow actor Andy Wong are in to chat about a new tv drama they are starring in. Ride With the Devil is a fast-paced drama looking at Auckland's late night boy racers, through the eyes of a young Chinese immigrant, Lin, played by Andy Wong.
It's a high octane drama with a unique Asian slant. It is fast moving, fuelled by the realities of contemporary New Zealand, and features really cool cars.

You can see Ride with the Devil at 11pm Tuesdays on TV2. 

 New Zealand's bugman, Ruud Kleinpaste, is in to show off his spiders. He looks at the whitetail Spider and discusses whether its fearsome reputation is warranted. He will also bring an Avondale spider and poses the question, "Why are spiders hairy?"

 Our Celebrity Parents Panel comprising Ruud Kleinpaste, Lynette Forday and Astar discusses sibling rivalry.

 Astar cooks up a tempest in the Good Morning kitchen. She cooks Chicken Herb Pinwheel Topped Pie, Mixed Cabbage Coleslaw with Chicken and Walnut and Apple Tart.