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Wednesday 10 August

Want to spend a day with Fair Go presenter Alison Mau? It could soon become a reality for one lucky bidder! Alison joins us from Auckland to talk about why she's put herself up for auction for a very worthy cause

We chat to Rick Miller , a Canadian artist taking audiences by storm with his unusual mix of Homer Simpson and Shakespeare's MacBeth! You can catch Rick at the Wellington Opera House on the dates below:
Thursday 11 August, 7:30pm
Friday 12 August, 7:30pm
Saturday 13 August, 7:30pm
Sunday 14 August, 4:00pm
Tuesday 16 August, 6:30pm

Plus tune in for your chance to win one of three double passes!

Porirua College's Cook Island String Band performs for us ahead of the Northern Schools Wellington Polyfest! Tune in to get your hips swaying.

Polyfest is on 11th August 2011 at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua, 4pm to 9pm, click here to buy tickets. 

Astar takes the reigns in the kitchen with three delicious and easy to make dishes: Vadi Upside-down Banana Cake, La Bouillabaisse Tahitienne, and Poulet Fafa (Chicken with Spinach and Coconut).

We chat to Nyle Sunderland, this week's Inspiring Kiwi. Nyle is a grandmother of one who hasn't let age get in the way of winning gold!

Practical Parenting guru Kerryn Palmer drops in to talk about why you should give your children home carpentry skills (and why it's fun!)

The slashing of America's credit rating over the weekend could see home owners in New Zealand paying the price. We sit down with our finance expert Hannah McQueen to make sense of it all. Plus, Hannah will be taking calls, so get dialling! 

It's the bane of many a parent's life, but it's going to happen sooner or later & youth worker Darryl Gardiner joins us to discuss the pitfalls for parents when their teenagers want to start going to parties.

What's new in the lives of Hollywood stars? Los Angeles correspondent Nelson Aspen's got the goss.

Midweekers Pam Corkery and Wallace Chapman go head to head on the latest news topics.

And Lorna Borrett from Purebalance Studio in Plimmerton is in with a Pilates routine. For more information on Purebalance see their website.