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Watch and Win: Winter Gardenz

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Do you go giddy for a good garden? Put your green thumb to good use with a 'Winter Gardenz Greenhouse'!

'Winter Gardenz' is New Zealand's leading greenhouse manufacturer. 

Proudly made right here in New Zealand, these award-winning greenhouses are designed for kiwi conditions and come with a ten year guarantee.

If you've ever tasted a home-grown tomato, you'll know how fabulous it would be to have one of these at your place. A greenhouse lets you grow plants, veges, flowers and fruits no matter your climate - plus it's a warm, sheltered space for you to potter about in on a rainy day!

'Winter Gardenz Greenhouses' come with loads of bells and whistles to take your gardening to the next level - such as temperature control vents, and a rainwater harvesting system for all your thirsty plants. Visit  Winter Gardenz to get inspired!

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