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Tuesday 29 May

Kiwi icon and blues legend Midge Marsden will perform for us and tell tall stories about his four decades of life on the road as a touring musician.

A book about cancer by husband-and-wife doctors Gerry and Monica Lewis has become a runaway success. They join us to recommend early treatments and to answer your questions about cancer.

The book is called Cancer A Threat to your Life or A Chance to Take Control of Your Future (in the series: Fad, fable or Fact) by Dr Monica and Gerald Lewis. (Lewis Publications, PO 27871, Mt Roskill, Auckland) and it includes a CD. It is NZ$30.00. The email address to obtain the book is: or 09 832 7023. The book is NOT available in stores.

Tommy the Clown founded the dance craze krumping and shared the stage with stars like Usher and Will Smith. He's back in New Zealand to encourage kids to get into krumping instead of joining a gang. Tommy performs with his Hip Hop Clowns, and chats about his work with young people.

Rock DJ Phil O'Brien picks another horror record from his collection of the worst albums of all time.

Our Big, Bold and Beautiful fitness instructor Janeen Nowicki steps her way to health and well-being with another low-impact workout.

Children's crafts expert Fifi Colston makes a slimy snake costume for kids.

Chef Paul Rowan makes mouths water with his Beef Stroganoff and he whips up the time-honoured dessert, Peach Melba.

Dr Susanna Kent looks at the symptoms and causes of osteo-arthritis.

Book reviewer Kate de Goldi samples three more novels, including the detective novel "Obsession" by Jonathan Kellerman.

John Aiken is here to talk about Rejection in relationships.