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Good Morning

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Tuesday 27 April

We start the morning with a touch of soul! Straight out of New York the Harlem Gospel Choir sings for us.

Denise L'Estrange Corbet built fashion label World from the ground despite an ongoing battle with depression. She lost 27kg last year, despite going through a break up with her husband and long-term business partner Francis Hooper. She's here to give us a sneak peak at her latest collection.

Wilson Dixon is a deadpan country-singing comedian. He's here with his guitar as part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival - and he'll show us why he's got his own BBC show in the UK.

Author Francesca Price has spent the past five years figuring out how to live more sustainably, cheaply and happily. She's turned everything she's learnt into a book called The Good Life .

Kate De Goldi reviews a long-awaited biography, a beautiful novel and a series of love stories - in plenty of time for Mother's Day.

Craft expert Fifi Colston is here with a great craft idea to bring back happy memories - priceless picture plates.

Last month chef Simon Holst was one of the judges for our cook-off competition. How will he handle the pressure of competing? Chef Adam Newell is setting him a kitchen challenge!

Hadyn and Brendon are in the Man Cave talking about an "illness" that seems to affect at least fifty percent of the population: selective hearing.
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Put up your dukes! The girls from City Fitness are back and today we are learning some punching combos to increase your speed and power! We welcome Jemini Gray and Sam Marshall-Sutherland.

It's Real Nappy Week, and Kate Meads the "nappy lady" is here to discuss the pros and cons of real and disposable nappies.
- The Nappy Lady coffee groups for Real Nappy Week .

Our panel is here with their best problem-busting advice. Welcome Darryl Gardiner, Ginette McDonald, Gary McCormick and Denise L'Estrange Corbet.
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