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Tuesday 22 February

Elizabeth Marvelly (Source: Elizabeth Marvelly)

Elizabeth Marvelly

Elizabeth Marvelly  joins us in the studio with her dulcet tones. But your Marvelly fix doesn't stop there - one lucky Good Morning viewer could win a private audience with Elizabeth in their own living room! Tune in or click here to find out more.

The Hooligan and the Lady tells the story of New Zealand's first female Ju-Jitsu expert who stalked the theatre boards in the 1900s. Sarah meets actor Ailsa Krefft and director Pauleen Hayes to learn about the feisty female at the centre of this Wellington Fringe Festival play, before learning some self defence moves from 80 year old Judo expert Patrick Toner and stunt theatre star Allan Henry. Thugs and mugs beware!

It's water nymphs as you've never seen them before! The Wet Hot Beauties are reviving the lost art of water ballet as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival. Million Dollar Mermaid Pip Hall and Bathing Beauty Judy Dale tell us what splashing in sync is all about.

Actor/director Katie Wolfe and publisher Robyn Bargh highlight this year's Pikihuia Awards for Maori Writers. If you are (or want to be!) a writer of novels, short stories and film scripts - this is your chance to get tips from one of the judges!  Visit

Summer is the season for seafood and salad! Chef Tamahou Waikari is here with two of his favourites:

  • Mussels in white wine chilli sauce
  • Mediterranean calamari salad.
  • All recipes available here

We welcome back Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole! She looks at outdoor play for babies. Get her factsheet here

Holocaust survivor, retired NZSO member and subject of new biography The Violinist, Clare Galambos Winter is here with biographer Sarah Gaitanos to tell us about this inspiring story of destruction, survival and music.

Vicki Hyde from New Zealand Skeptics warns of believing big claims based on bad science.

Feel like getting a bit messy? Fifi Colston is here with paint and a good excuse to get your hands dirty. Get her factsheet here

Our in-house clinical psychologist Dr Duncan Thomson follows on from last week's discussion abut children and self control. Now we know how important it is, how do we teach it to our kids?

Dr Cathy Stephenson tackles the serious issue of alcohol and young women. She explains how women process alcohol and how you can help your teen to stay safe. Get her factsheet here

Our advice panel members Duncan, Ginette and Gary discuss your tricky moral dilemmas.

Why not kick off 2011 with a little "you" time. Log on to and take them up on their FREE 7 day trial offer! Give this class or any other class a go! They'd love to meet you. If you have any questions about group kick email  otherwise check out the girls today on the show.