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Good Morning

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Tuesday 20 November

We go inside "The Little Shop of Horrors" with soul diva Bella Kalolo, NZ Idol Rosita Vai and Go Girl Bronwyn Turei.

We hear from past guests in our Good Morning Confessionals!

TV presenter Sonia Gray reveals why she's right behind Postnatal Depression Awareness week. She's joined by Mum Amy Shipley and psychotherapist and postnatal distress expert Susan Goldstiver.

Star chef Laurent Loudeac's got rustic French cuisine and he's making chocolate delights from the new 'Whittaker's Passion for Chocolate' cookbook.

Masterchef's Brenton Thornton is sparking up the barbie for more creative BBQ cooking.

Our celebrity panel comedian Rob Callaghan, 95bFM host Sarin Moddle and journalist and producer Damian Christie debate the latest hot topics in the news.

Dr John Cameron investigates the biological clock and explains the realities of getting pregnant.

Grape guru Michael Cooper shares his tips for buying quality wine on a budget.

Astar's getting in the festive mood with tree table toppers and she makes a sweet treat for Christmas with Slade.

Kate Langdon reviews three new books: Two Brothers by Ben Elton; A Week In Winter by Maeve Binchy (Hachette); and Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher (Hachette).