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Tostada of king fish, Asian herbs, fish sauce vinaigrette, toasted peanuts

With  Gareth Stewart

Serves 4


4 small flour tortilla

600g Kingfish 

2 Green chilli

1tblsp Ginger

2  limes

1tblsp  Palm sugar

1tsp Garlic

3tblsp Fish sauce

1tblsp  peanut oil

4tblsp  Chopped toasted peanuts

1/2  Chinese cabbage (savoy cabbage fine)

1 cup  coriander leaves

1/2  cup mint

1/2  cup Thai basil

2-3tblsp  Soya bean oil for frying


Clean and slice the kingfish into 1 cm slice and set aside for dressing later.

Shred the cabbage and mix with herbs. No need to chop herbs, just leave them whole.

Mix together the chopped garlic, 1 of the chillies deseeded and chopped, ginger, sugar, juice of the lime, fish sauce and peanut oil.

Pan fry the tortilla until golden and crisp.

Dress some of the fish before placing on top of the tortilla and then top with the dressed cabbage and herbs. Place in the centre  of a plate and top with the toasted peanuts.