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Thursday 5 July

The Commodores were one of the biggest names in the music industry and we are very proud to have their bass player, Ron La Pread, in the studio today. He talks about his days with the group that helped define "funk" and what brought him here to New Zealand.

We have one of the most celebrated string quartets in the world with us this Thursday, playing music from Borodin and Haydn. It's a rare privilege to have The Takacs Quartet playing live for us at the start of their New Zealand tour.

Danielle Cormack is back in New Zealand to help drive support for a cause close to her heart, and in turn, focus New Zealanders' attention to helping get 'spoonfuls of goodness' into hundreds of malnourished children in Vietnam. Joined by Sally Hartwell of Child Fund, she talks to us about her trip and why she decided to help.
Auckland-based viewers who donate to the cause today can go into a draw to share a warm bowl of Pho (pronounced Fo a tasty, traditional soup dish) and other yummy Vietnamese treats with Danielle, at Aucklands favourite Saigonz Restaurant!

It's time to hit the ski slopes and Luke Bettesworth is in to tell us how to get the right look, both in and out of the snow. Special thanks to the lovely models of KHM Management and to Icebreaker Newmarket.

James Hogan is with us today talking about figurines, those "lovely" or "ghastly" collectables, deopending on your taste. Love 'em or hate 'em, there is still a good market for porcelain figurines and James will explain why you need to think carefully before you throw them in the recycling.

Dr Anil Sharma is here to explain why Ovarian Cysts are so common and  not necessarily a cause for alarm.

A wee dram will warm up your winter nights, but how much do you know about what you're drinking when you pour yourself a good single malt. Is it always better than a blend or a double malt and where does it come from in the first place? What does "peaty" mean when it's in your glass? Sam Snead, whisky expert will be here to reveal all about that most Scottish of past-times, whisky drinking.

Kids love Golden Syrup, so Sean Armstrong is in the kitchen to show what you can do with it over the school holidays. And it's not just eating!

Astar made the start of a beautiful school ball gown last week and now she's finishing it off with a top fit for a princess.

We capture the glory years of New Zealand rugby through the eyes of one of its players - a man who managed the switch between rugby codes and went on to coach the Kiwis to enormous success. Yet, he was flawed and his fall from grace was spectacular. Tony "Tank" Gordon's daughter, Rashelle Gordon, is here to talk about what it was like growing up with a man of such great contradictions. She is joined by Sir Peter Leitch, one of the many who always supported him.