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Thursday 4 Oct

 Some of you may have noticed Brendon is not here this week. He is away on a secret reality show shoot but be assured our Brendon will be back tomorrow for the Good Morning Wedding!

 There's only one day to go before the big day for Kelly Heays and Kelly Heke .... and there's a lot to do!

 Indira Moala took out second prize at NZ Idol last year but ended up with first prize when she met the man of dreams in the process. Indira and her husband James Tuisaula are singing throughout the morning.

 Lawyer Bill Bevan talks about the practicalities side of marriage such as pre-nuptial agreements, making wills and property.

 Chef Adam Newell, prepares delicious tuna and oyster hors d'oeuvres for the wedding banquet.

 Psychic Medium Sue Nicholson does a reading for our wedding couple and gives her insights into their future.

 Astar is busy making buttonholes with Dancing With the Stars legend Stefano Olivieri, she's also talking to florist Dave Manning about the latest bridal floral trends and flower maintenance and will also be creating the bridal bouquet.

 We'll take a look at what the lads got up to at Kelly Heke's stag party on Tuesday around Wellington. They visited  Skye Lark  and Magenta Diamond

 Cocktail maker Simon Bentley is taking care of the alcohol free wedding refreshments and is whipping up some tasty mocktails.

 Petrina Gertsch from Carlton Party Hire knows all about wedding planning and today has tips from colour schemes, table settings and arranging fairy lights to rolling out the red carpet.

 Fitness instructor V Waretini works out mind and body in our Body Balance segment to leave us refreshed as the big day approaches.

 Dancing with the Stars legend Stefano Olivieri has been putting in the hours with Kelly and Kelly to prepare a show stopping wedding dance.