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Thursday 27 August

Paul Mercurio is in New Zealand to judge the Brew NZ Beer Awards and he joins us in the Good Morning kitchen to show off his special recipe, beer-marinated prawns!

Pam Corkery talks to Steve about her Intrepid Journey to Colombia.

Singer Sela Mahe is in to talk about her new project and perform for us.

The latest Irish dance sensation, Dance of Desire , hits our shore soon. We have a sneak preview.

Yoga instructor Melissa Billington takes us on an inner intrepid journey.

British writer Tom Rob Smith has just released his new book, The Secret Speech. The internationally acclaimed author is in the country and is with us to discuss the novel.

Astar's showing us some more fab paint effects, as well as a flower arrangement that's bound to make romance blossom!

Tamara Jane shows us a vanilla cake recipe which will make for great cupcakes for kids.

Repossession is one of those consumer issues that no one wants to deal with. But what happens when the repo man pays a visit? Lawyer Bill Bevan looks at the issue.

Smacking and super cities have been the topic of choice this week in Parliament. Barry Soper, Jane Clifton, and former MP Pam Corkery discuss the issues.

Stevie G reviews Inglourious Basterds, The Strength Of Water and The Age Of Stupid.