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Thursday 23 February

Kiwi farm girl made good, Annah Mac, has been singing since she first discovered a piano when she was four years old. Now, she's all grown up and here with us to perform two of her favourite tracks, "Girl In Stilettoes" and "Celia".

She's recognised as one of the best in the world, but you can't invest in her work. Every painting is unique, yet every last brush stroke gets washed away - because her canvas is the human body. Award winning body and special effects artist Yolanda Bartram is in the studio, showing how she paints a pregnant tummy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life - your skin glows, your hair shines - just a shame about the wardrobe. But don't despair! Fashion stylist, Luke Bettesworth and his lovely models are here to help you get your glam back on.
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Virginia Iovine-Turner brings her Italian flair to the Good Morning kitchen, with home made, organic Mozzarella cheese baked into classic Italian pastries, using Pesto, Salami, Parmesan Cheese and Walnuts.

Is that old pot under the steps out the back, just a breeding ground for mossies - or a classic piece of Kiwiana? Find out if you're sitting on a museum piece, with our antiques man, James Hogan.  

For all you parants who are tired of tidying up the kids' Lego, here's a novel idea, blast it into space. Paul Brislen, our technology expert, is here to tell us about some clever clogs who did exactly that.

With his A-List contacts, there's no one better to keep us up to date with what's going on in the UK. Fresh from the Brit Awards, it's Dan Wootton, live from London.

Tom O'Neil is back, with career advice for women - or men - who have taken time out to care for their familes and now, want to return to the workforce.

For all of you armchair detectives out there, the man from the original and most popular police reality show ever seen on New Zealand TV is with us. He's spent a lifetime fighting crime and now, helps you get involved from the safety of your couch. Graham Bell , from Police Ten 7 is with us.

And our lovely Astar has kindly offered to make our bakers' lives easier this week, by showing us how to make a decoupage recipe book holder.