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Thursday 13 September

When Nige runs over and accidently kills a Scandinavian soccer star in an unfortunate incident involving a hot meat pie, a ginger cat and a policeman, his life really turns to crap. Never mind though, his best mate Deano's there to lend a hand and that's when the trouble really starts. Flight of the Conchord's Bret McKenzie and co-star Hamish Blake are in to talk about their latest movie "Two Little Boys", as well as Kermit, Oscars and riding very small dolphins.

Three Houses Down will be bringing us some of their unique Pacific reggae and telling us how it's family that's the most important element in their music making.!/pages/Three-Houses-Down/51845502098

An ageing cowboy rides with a herd of wild horses one last time. He's here to tell us all about that and how his love Northland's Aupouri Forest horses kicked off a singing career that is still going twenty five years and one hundred songs later. Neil Hersey is also the subject of the final in this season of Country Calendar.

Astar and Matai finish their adventures in Sydney with a trip to meet Holly Hipwell at famous craft school, Megan Morton.

She's made an extraordinary career both for herself and the women of ReQuest Dance Crew. Not content with being world champions, they've danced with J Lo, choreographed her new world tour, they're joining a Cirque de Soleil extravaganza and next up, who knows? ReQuest leader and World of Dance Choreographer of the Year, Parris Goebel, is back home in New Zealand. She talks to us about her busy life and her role as Ambassador of the Southside Arts Festival happening next month!

First you learn you're pregnant and you think, "Oh my goodness!". The second thought you have is "Will it hurt?" Our Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Anil Sharma, has delivered many a bundle of joy in his time and knows all there is to know about pain relief in labour - so he's here with some advice and a little bit of reassurance for you.

Looks like Antiques man Josh Williams has been cleaning out his Grandad's shed! He's bringing in a collection of beautiful antique woodworker's tools to share with us.

It needn't be a challenge to create gluten free treats for the whole family. Mother of four, Sarah King is in the kitchen with two of her children, Brianna and Callum. Together they'll be showing us some tasty and healthy gluten free baking ideas.

Astar has spring weddings on her mind and is showing us how to make hand-made flowers from fabric and segrass matting, that you can use to decorate any accessories you like.

And, Matt Gibb is our DVD reviewer of the day and he'll be rating three great films in the Allen's DVD Review. We also have copies of the DVDs and a bag of Macintosh Toffees to give away, so watch this space and win!