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Thursday 12 April

He looks good in a swimsuit and he wants both world peace and gay rights. Andy Derleth, Mister Gay World 2012, is with us in the studio today, talking about the competition and why he thinks it's important.

The Peasants burst onto the music scene with their 2011 win at the Smoke Free Rockquest. Today they are with us in the studio to perform their debut single "Letting Go."

Spelling Bee Champion Ryan McLellan puts Rod, Jeanette and Astar to the test.

Looking to make some improvements in your own life? Dr. Dain Heer says that if you have the confidence to enjoy being yourself then the rest will follow.

Natalie Oldfield is back with us with recipes from her new Everyday cookbook. She's got Muffins, Lemon and Passionfruit Slice and a yummy Nutmeg Cake to share over your morning coffee.

Dress for Success is one of the most sensible and accessible charities ever established. They assist everyday women trying to get employment by providing them with outfits for interviews as well as support and tips for confidence building. Today we meet with a woman who shares her courageous story of how she started a new life with the help of Dress for Success.

Do you have fine china at home? Royal Doulton? Carlton Ware? Clarice Cliff? James Hogan is here to talk about your prized china collection and take queries from viewers.

So you've tapped into that hidden job market, sent out your perfect CV and cover letter and you've scored your first interview! Now Tom is back to tell us how to navigate the next steps, with tips on interview techniques and the all-important preparation.

Luke Bettesworth is here to tell us about his experience with Dress For Success. Using their resources he shows three women, new to the workforce, how to sharpen up their looks for the corporate environment.

Incontinence is not just a problem for older people or people with disabilities. It is a remarkably common issue that affects nearly 600,000 New Zealanders from all walks of life, regardless of their age or cultural background. If you have ever given birth you possibly share the problem with a third of all mothers. Anil Sharma is with us to help with advice on how to manage it and to answer your questions.