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Every baby has a different time to teeth and every baby's reaction to the teething process is different! If we knew when it was going to start and how long it would go on for that would be brilliant but sadly it is unpredictable and part of their development that is a trail and era process.

A lot of babies start teething between 4 and 7 months of age, but there are the odd few who are as late as a year! The challenging thing for most parents I find is how to cope with babies who seem to have teething symptoms on and off without a tooth coming through, and knowing what the best plan of action is during this process, especially when it comes to their sleep and emotional irritability.

The Baby Whisperer's tips:
What I have tried and practiced for quite some years with teething babies is the following:
- Use a preventative natural remedy to help with their irritability and discomfort.
- Raise the cot slightly so they are not lying flat, helping to reduce the effects of the throbbing gums.
- Be patient when your baby might seem fussy with their milk feeds or solid meals as their sensitive gums can make them less interested in anything going into heir mouth.
- Freeze vegetables or fruit and offer baby in a muslin or net to help numb the gums.
- Don't be afraid to rub their gums with your clean finger if they let you in their mouth!

Where to go for further info:
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(Broadcast: 17 July 2012)