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Sue Tyler's craft - Fringed lampshades - 17 April

This is a high impact-lampshade you can pull together in a very short amount of time. It's a little bit inspired by art deco Napier and a lot inspired by Dancing with the Stars. I can't help it I am totally addicted to the show, and the costumes are simply amazing.

One thing most of us have around the house is old lampshades. Most of them have collected dust over the years and no matter what you do, the fabric just never looks fresh and new. This is a super easy and pretty quick way to makeover your plain lampshade into something a bit more exciting. I managed to whip this up during Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday night. Considering I spent half the show watching the telly, this means you can easily complete this project in under an hour.

The great thing is, once you get the hang of decorating lampshades there really is no limit to what you can decorate one with.

What you need
Lampshade - this can be free-standing or wall-hanging
Fringing - I've gone with a cone-shaped fringing - how much you need is determined by the size of your lampshade
Hot glue gun or glue dots, the advantage of glue dots is that you have less risk or burning yourself
Tape measure

First off, remove the lampshade from its stand. Otherwise (and trust me from experience) it might all tip over on the floor during a tricky part. If the base needs a bit of a clean, now is the best time give the lampshade a wipe to remove any dust, but don't worry too much as we are covering it all up.

Deciding how much fringing to get is a bit of a tricky proposition. You need to have an idea of the length of each strand so you can work out how many layers you want on the lampshade.

After a bit of trial and error, I suggest assuming your fringing is about 4 cm long - any shorter and you have to do loads of layers, any longer and you jump up into a different cost bracket.

In the photos I've used 5 meters of 7cm-long fringing, which I had stashed in my box of fabric. On the show we used 4 meters of 4cm fringing.

Get marking
To work out what heights you want to have each layer of fringing, do a bit of a mock-up on the lampshade.
Using a pencil, mark out those layers across all of your lampshade.
At this point you do have a messy looking lampshade covered in pencil marks, but we are going to be covering those marks up, so don't panic.

Measure round the circumference of the shade at each different height you marked up.
Write down those measurements.
Cut lengths of fringing to each circumference measurement.

Get sticky
Fire up your hot glue gun or get yourself some glue dots.
Starting with the bottom layer stick glue to the along the circumference line you marked on the lampshade.
Attach the top of the fringing to the part you glued, don't stretch the fringing just gently press it on.
Keep gluing and sticking around the shade until you've finished one layer.

Tuck the fringing in under the lampshade - and repeat the gluing for each new layer.

Once you've reached the top, you are all finished.
All you need to do now is attach everything back and you've got a lovely new lampshade.