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Sue Tyler's craft - Baby's mobile - 7 August

Two things are great for baby's rooms, lovely things and inexpensive lovely things! One can spend a world of money in renovating a room for baby and then buying things for the room.

While you never want to scrimp on essentials, if you have some time you can come up with some lovely personalised decorations.

Here's a lovely mobile for your baby's room. We've combined photographs, paper and pom-poms, and if you like one idea more than the others, just make more of what you like.

Before you start here's a safety note - never hang a mobile directly above a baby's cot.

What you need
Paper - I used Grant Studios scrapbook paper from Spotlight
Photographs - I used a proof sheet and some 4x6 images I printed at home
Glue stick
Wire or thread
Pom-pom kit (these come with a loom knitting kits at spotlight or Embroidery loom (if you don't have one of these use a picture hanger instead)

Step one
Cut your photos into circle (I cut some small 1 inch circles and some larger ones)
Cut paper into shapes larger than each circle, because we want the back and front looking nice cut double the amount of paper shapes.
Cut strand of wire/thread make the long as it's always easy to shorten thing but harder to lengthen.

Glue a photo on the front of your paper shape
Glue the underside of your paper shape
Place down the wire and then the under side of a matching paper shape
Continue for all your other photos and paper shapes
You now have lovely images to hang from your mobile.

Wrap wool around your pom pom maker leaving a stand free
Once it's reasonably thick cut the end and tie this with the free strand
Cut along the edges of your pom pom maker
You now have a light fluffy pom poms to hang from your mobile.

To make the mobile
Attach long threads of wire at 3 points around your hoop
Tie on both the inside and outside rings of your hoop
Pull these together at the top and tie them to make a loop
You can now hang your loop from a hook in the ceiling

Bring it all together

Attach your paper images and your pom poms around the inside hoop of your embroidery hoop
If you want to be extra tricky tie a line across your hook and hang things from that as well.

Wrap the outside of your hoop with the same colour wool as your pom poms
This gives you a nice consistent effect plus covers and catches in all those extra bits of wire.