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Sue Nicholson (Psychic medium)

Sue Nicholson works full-time as a psychic medium.  

She uses her hands to connect with the energy surrounding a person or place and often takes on the persona of the spirit.

Sue says, "When I work with spirit I have to separate my physical self, my physical mind, so that I am being used as a channel and so that I have no thoughts of my own involved in it, otherwise that's a block."

Sue is a reiki master. She also sees auras. She conducts house blessings for people who report strange activity in their homes.

The mother of three from Wellington has had the gift since she was a child.  When she was young she would sit on the floor with family photo albums and scan the picture with her hand to glean information about her dead relatives. Her strict parents told her to ignore the spirits but when Sue approached adulthood she realised that she had a responsibility to use her gift to help others communicate with deceased loved ones.

Sue is also one of the physics involved in the popular series Sensing Murder , who help the families of murder victims.

For more information on Sue and her public workshops, see her website.

Ask Sue your most pressing question for 2011 and you may have yours read LIVE on air!