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Steve Joll (Bloke Who Bakes)

Steve Joll is a small-town boy at heart, having moved from Wanganui to Oamaru to Levin to Katikati and plenty more besides, all before leaving school. He's worked in shoe shops and petrol stations and finally found his way into broadcasting.

Steve has worked on TV shows like ONE News and What Now. He's written a children's book and spent the last ten years as breakfast host at Wellington's Easy Listening Breeze radio station.

But what he really loves to do is eat - cakes, muffins, tarts, slices and biscuits, for the most part. And that's why he took up baking. Steve manages a website which encourages the men of New Zealand to take up their whisks and bake. Blokes Who Bake was launched in 2008 and has since been turned into a book and inspired regular columns on other websites.

Steve is not a chef so his food is about keeping it simple, affordable and quick. And then eating it in front of the telly while there's sport on.