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Sally-ann Moffat: Vampire chic style - 2 August

Vampire Chic

What is not to love - the promise of eternal youth, invulnerability and, of course, the night life! Gothic glamour is emerging into the mainstream thanks to Vampire Diaries, Twilight and True Blood.:

This is becoming big - Italian Vogue and Id magazines have had fashion spreads inspired by the darkly haunted beauty and glamour of vampires.

Because their characters tend to be hundreds of years old - there is a lot of vintage inspiration, old boots and victorian inspired blouses

So it's time to embrace the darkside:

Male Vampire Chic:

For the male vampire the black cape, slicked back hair and obviously placed fangs look is out, it has been updated into a tough but subtle aesthetic.

Cool blues and greys are in. These colours bring out their pale skin and convey icy coldness. Look for: 
* Tight trousers 
* Skinny ties 
* Suit jackets 
* Leather jacket 
* Tight tee or singlet (Jason Stackhouse) 
* Plaid shirt

Female Vampire Chic:

Otherworldy and dangerous with a canny knack for accessorising female vampires are beyond chic. Often given a single colour story to work with eg: all grey, all cream, all blue tones.
Eg: Alice Cullen 
* Leggings 
* Waistcoat 
* Signature jewellery 
* Scarves 
* gloves

Sookie Stackhouse has a sweet Southern Belle look. So her clothing choices emphasise her innocence and youth.
Look for: 
* Black Nikes 
* Short shorts 
* Floral dresses 
* Tight tee 
* Head band

Bella Swan sports a classic simple effortless teen look with denim jeans, sheepskin boots and practical long sleeve tops from affordable brands like Target and Abercrombie and Fitch.
* Boots or nike, keds and converse canvas sneakers 
* Moonstone ring 
* Tees 
* Mittens and knitted beanie
* St Jude bracelet

Elena Gilbert 
* Chucks
* Denim
* Leather 

Today's Examples:

Vampire Jane: (as worn by Zoe) Portman's Jacket, top and skirt with cream Voodoo tights and vintage tan biker boots.
Jane is most often in head to toe black - however this does not show up well on camera - so I have demonstrated the head to toe one colour in cream.

Vampire Alice Cullen (on Mannequin) Velvet and crest choker necklace from Diva, Jeans West floral  scarf, blue denim waistcoat from Just Jeans, black Leggings with bow print from Just Jeans.
Alice is very fun and feminie in her style often with touches of vintage pieces.

Edward & Jacob necklace from Diva, Bella bracelet from Diva, Saint Bracelets from markets. Fangs from .