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Sally-ann Moffat's winter colours style tips - 1 June

Feeling uninspired by your wardrobe this winter? Bored by the predictable cold dull greys and blacks? Warm yourself up with colours inspired by crown jewels. Stylist Sally-ann Moffat shows us how.

Winter 2009 is characterised by rich jewel tones and opulent fabrics. Colour is set to become deep and intense; there is nothing subtle and boring about this season's colour palate.

Let's look at the shades themselves:

- Deep purples with lavender coming through into spring.
Ruby red - the richest darkest red - sure to lift your mood.
Emerald green - think bright and luscious - take your cue from nature.
Sapphire blue - otherwise known this season as Palace Blue as blue is a right royal colour.
Turquoise blue - soft and light this is a happy go lucky blue.
Rose Dust - soft pink with a hint of grey.
Mandarin Garnet - a fiery hot hot orange.
Smokey Quartz - soft brown/grey.

Compliment all of these with bronze, silvery greys and golds - take your cue from jewellery!

When getting dressed or shopping for new clothes consider how certain colours make you feel. The main colour of your outfit can have an effect not only on your mood but also on how other perceive you. For example, when choosing to wear head to toe black, you may be subconsciously telling people to stay away from you.

So when dressing, ask yourself what mood you want to create and then consider which colours will help you achieve and project that mood.

Certain colours can make you feel anything from peace to rage.

Colours in the red area of the colour spectrum are known as warm colours and include red, orange, and yellow. These hot sunny colours evoke emotions ranging from warmth and joy to anger and hostility.

Cool colours include blue, purple, and green. These colours are often described as calming and can also call to mind feelings of sadness or indifference.

How can I best add these colours to my wardrobe?
Begin with accessories like scarves, jewellery nail polish or shoes.

Where can I find them?
These shades are in most stores now, check out thrift stores to for vibrantly coloured scarves.

How will I know if it works for my skin tone?
Try it on in the dressing room and consider a brighter lipstick to lift flatter tones.

How do I get out of the habit of wearing black all the time?
Have a black-free day once a week and practice will make progress!

What about summer? Will these colours be old news in six months?
NO! the great news is that the jewel tones are sticking around for summer, they may be in lighter shades, but the colours will be similar.

Does colour affect mood?
Absolutely yes! Therefore wearing more cheerful colours can make you feel more cheerful. Consider this when dressing in the morning.

What colours show I wear to lift my mood?
Red, yellow and orange evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Red can raise energy levels while orange evokes enthusiasm. Green is soothing and calming and awakens the brain.

Garment examples:
Ruby red crushed velvet jacket on mannequin from Hartleys $225.00
Emerald green knit vest on Mannequin from Hartleys $139.00
Sapphire RJC silk tunic from Hartleys $229.00
Amythest, sapphire and rose quartz silk scarf from a Te Omanga Hospice thrift store $5.00
Silver grey a line skirt on mannequin from Jacqui E $99.90
Sapphire Blue ruffled shirt from on mannequin Jacquie E $89.90
Pearls and chain necklace on mannequin Jacquie E $43.90
Silver sequin scarf from Jacquie E $49.90
Purple silk tunic from Max $59.90
Silver Grey merino Cardigan from Max $99.00
Amythest, Rose Quartz, Emerald and silver shirts all from Portmans $79.90
Blue velvet Jacket from Cue $ $355.00
Crown brooch from Cue $69.90
Sapphire blue shirt from Cue $119.00
Bronze shirt with pussy bow from Veronica Maine $245.00