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Sally-ann Moffat: Job interview style - 20 April

Dressing well for the interview won't get you the job but creating a good first impression will give you the edge over your competitors.

When selecting your job interview outfit think about what image you want to project and consider them when selecting your outfit. If you want to project competence, confidence, credibility and professionalism, when you try your interview outfit on,  you'll know right away if it projects that image. If it is sloppy, dirty and ill fitting you won't be able to project anything other than shabbiness.

If you are in doubt about what to wear, you can call human resources or ask the interviewer or recruitment consultant. Alternatively you can do a dry run to the interview location - to see how long it takes to get there and at the same time check out what others are wearing.

As a rule, you want to take the conservative route for an interview - unless the role is in high fashion! It is better to be over dressed than under dressed. Your idea of trendy may not be the same as the interviewer.

The jacket is the great equaliser. You can wear it to the interview and if you are way overdressed, you can always take it off.

Keeping costs down - visit outlets stores like Dressmart. Also second hand stores often have beautiful suit sets and coordinates, shop the sales, and shop online to stretch your interview wardrobe budget.

Micheal wore: black vest, purple palid shirt, black tie and pant all form Barkers. Suit shown also form Barkers.

Courtney wore: Portman's suit and silk blouse.

Mannequin wore: Cotton lycra shift dress from Max. Tweed jacket was from a second hand store, grey striped jacket from Max.

Red suit from Capture European - Ezibuy

Key tips
-Be appropriate to the organisation you are interviewing with
- Plan ahead and make sure your outfit is clean and pressed
- Choose classic rather than following trends
- Stay cool - try not to wear synthetics that make you too hot - sweating makes you look nervous.
- Cover up - do not show too much skin
- Personal grooming Is vital - fresh breath, tidy nails, no body odour, well groomed hair
- Clean and polished shoes are vital
- Go easy on your scent - you want them to see and remember you not how you smell.

Good interview investment pieces
- A classic suit - which will last for years, can be mixed and matched with other pieces alter. (make sure you can sit comfortably in the skirt)
- A shift dress - you can team this with a jacket and it looks very smart.
- Classic shoes - clean and tidy heels, pumps or a classic men's shoe
- A crisp white shirt - can be work under the shift dress or under the jacket.

Colour meanings
Navy conveys trust
Blues of all shades convey loyalty (think of banks)
Red is a power colour
Green can be fresh, calming and restful
Grey is cool and conservative
Brown is wholesome and dependable