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Richard Kavanagh - Diffuse dry curls - 15 June

If you've got naturally curly hair, you most likely love it when it gets a little bit grubby. Most girls I know with curls love their hair after a couple of swims in the ocean, or on the third or fourth day after they've washed it (just when it's due for a wash again!). Here's a simple way to get your curls tamed and under control. And even if you've only got a bit of a wave, you might find that this can really bounce up your hair and inject some life into it.

Your hair, shampooed and conditioned (towel dried)
A medium hold styling paste (I love Redken Rough Paste 12)
Non-aerosol hairspray (optional) (I like Redken Headplay 12)
Kavanagh Blowdrier
Diffuser attachment for hairdryer
0.75" Kavanagh Curling Tong
A wide tooth comb

Time required: 10 to 20 minutes (depends how much hair you've got)


- Take approximately 20ml of styling paste and rub it between your hands before distributing it evenly through your damp hair.

- You may want to give a comb through with a wide tooth comb just to make sure it's not clumped up anywhere. If you've got a lot of hair, you might put a second application of styling product in.

- Throw your head upside down, shake your hair thoroughly with your fingers so that it's not stuck to your head. With the diffuser attached to your blowdryer, turn the dryer on full heat and full speed and gently dry your hair. Avoid the temptation to scrunch your hair with your spare hand as you go, the eighties look might look cool on a few teenagers, but most of us would rather forget.

- When your hair is completely dry, dry it for a few minutes longer. Most people make the mistake of leaving the hair to dry naturally a bit, but to really get this to work, you need to persevere until its completely dry.

- Throw your head up the right way and marvel at your massive hair. Tame your wild tresses by running your fingers through it.

- If you need to, you can touch up a few of the curls around the front with a curling tong. And then give it a light spray with a non-aerosol hairspray and work it into shape with your fingers.