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Prawn Mango Avocado Salad


Prawn Mango Avocado Salad With Sweet Chilli Lemon Dressing

Serves 4
Prep and Cooking time is 20 minutes

500grams prawn cutlets, marinated
1 Bag mesclun salad leaves
1 Mango peeled and sliced
1 Avocado sliced
Cherry tomatoes
1 Cucumber sliced
Cashew nuts
1 packet crispy noodles
1 bunch coriander
Sweet thai chilli sauce dressing with lemon juice

Marinate the prawns in your favourite marinade -  I use tamarind sauce  
Grill or fry the marinated prawns 
Peel and slice mango, avocado, and cucumber 
Place mesclun in salad bowl or platter
Add all ingredients and arrange in bowl or on platter and garnish with cashew nuts/coriander
Dress with chilli sauce, mixed with lemon juice

(Broadcast 31 August 2012)