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Pork and Chicken Terrine en Croute with Mushroom

With Laurent Loudeac

Pork and Chicken Terrine en Croute with Mushroom

Time: 20 minutes prep, 60 minutes cooking, 6 hours setting
Serves: 8     
Cost: $6 per person

Ingredients (for 1kg terrine)
500 grams pork mince (80% meat, 20%fat)
250 grams chicken breast, minced
200 grams chicken breast, diced in 1cm cubes and pan-seared until cooked through, then rubbed in 2 tbsp of chopped parsley, salt and pepper.
100 grams button mushrooms sliced and sautéed off
1/2 onion, finely chopped - sauté
2 garlic cloves, chopped - sautéed
Puff pastry
Salt and pepper to taste
15ml port wine or brandy
Chicken stock flavoured with parsley and seasoned to taste.
1 leaf gelatine per 100ml stock.

In a bowl mix the minced meat, mushrooms, onion, garlic, brandy, diced chicken and salt and pepper to taste.
To taste if the mix is seasoned enough, cook a little patty in a pan till cooked through and taste.
Line a terrine mould or a loaf tin with spray oil and baking paper.
Then line with the puff pastry making it overlap quite a bit so that you can fold the pastry shut at the top.

Optional: You can line the pastry then with either fine streaky bacon or Parma ham.

Then put the meat mixture in the mould nice and tight. Fold the pastry over nice and neat so no folding can be seen at the top (just for aesthetic purposes).
Cut a 1/2 cm hole on each side of the pastry at the top to let the steam out and fill the terrine with the aspic (chicken stock and gelatine).
Cook in fan bake oven at 160C /170C for about 45minutes or until it's cooked. 
To check, put a small knife in one of the holes 1/2 way through the terrine for 5 seconds and put the tip on your tongue, if it's warm/hot it's cooked.
Take out and let cool down a few hours.
Meanwhile, bring the chicken stock to warm, soak gelatine leaf in cold water, when soft add to stock and mix well.
Cool down in fridge until it's semi-set, then pour in each hole of the pastry until filled up. 
Refrigerate for 6 hours or more.

To serve, slice and garnish with pickles and chutney.

(Broadcast: 26 June 2012)