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Pirate Timmie's chorizo (and pea) risotto

With Tim Beveridge and Geraldine Brophy


2-3 tbs Olive Oil, add or substitute some butter if you like

2 cups good quality risotto rice

4-5 cups Chicken stock - heated

A few threads or a pinch of Saffron steeped in the stock

2-3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 chopped onion - red if you like but doesnt matter

A good glug of white wine

1-2 good chorizo (the dry sort - or 2 3 NZ ones chopped preferable to fry beforehand to reduce oil content

A Cup or so of cooked peas - optional

A few stalks of fresh thyme also optional but preferred

Parmesan cheese


Extra thyme for garnish


Steep the saffron in the stock.

Soffritto - fry the garlic and onion in 2-3 tbs olive oil on medium/slow heat until soft and clear

Strip a few branches of thyme to add to the onion and garlic while they are softening.

Add rice and toast it up a little with the soffritto for a minute or two

Glug in the white wine & ttssshh! Reduce heat.

Add the stock all at once (dont fart around with the little by little nonsense)

Add chorizo the earlier the better for the spiciness

Stick the lid on and leave on a low simmering heat.

When stock is almost all absorbed give it a good thrashing stir - mantecare to release starches and make it creamy add a little more wine or stock for consistency

Season to taste if necessary

Stir in a handful of grated parmesan a part of the thrashing stir in peas last add peas as well


Serve garnished with a little stripped thyme and parmesan and cracked pepper!!