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Peter Chaplin's corn fritters, noodles recipes - 6 April

Corn and Mint Fritters

Wheat and egg free
Makes approx 12-14 fritters

4 cups chick pea flour                                                                                     
1 tbsp baking powder              
1 tbsp curry paste                                                       
2 sticks diced celery                                                                                       
2 diced carrots                                                                                                
1 diced onion                                                                                                   
1 tbsp curry paste 
1/2 cup fresh coriander chopped 
1/2 cup fresh chopped mint 
2 cups corn kernels 
Salt to season 
1 tsp mixed seeds: cumin, coriander, fennel yellow and brown              
Light oil

- In a large bowl combine flour/baking powder/celery/carrot/onions/seeds/corn kernels.
- Slowly add water till mix is like a porridge consistency.
- Add mint with coriander.
- Add curry paste re mix with a little more water and add salt.
- Place large pan on medium heat add enough oil to cover the base of the pan. Using a soup spoon, gently spoon the mix into the pan. Cook each fritter till golden brown, drain on a paper towel. 
- Serve with yoghurt and beetroot chutney and a squeeze of lemon.

Noodles for Kids

Serves 4 or more

4 pckts 2 min noodles                                                                                     
2 cups mushrooms sliced                                                                             
2 bunches spinach sliced                                                                               
2 carrots cut into sticks                                                                                  
1 onion sliced                                                                                      
1 cup spring onion sliced                                                        
2 cups broccoli floweret's 
Soy sauce/tamari/shoyu 
Light oil

- In a medium size wok prepare all of your vege's and get everything ready before you start to cook the noodles. Cook your 2 minute noodles, discard the flavour sachet. Drain and turn out onto a flat surface, drizzle with a little oil over the noodles and toss slightly.
- Place wok on medium heat.
- Add 4 tablespoons oil and onions, carrots & mushrooms, cook for 2 minutes.
- Add broccoli, cook for 1 minute.
- Add spinach, soy sauce (diluted).
- Add noodles.
- Thoroughly toss all the ingredients, make sure that there is plenty of liquid sauce from the soy sauce. Use tongs to put into bowls, sprinkle over spring onions.