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Pele Lautala

With  Alex Kaihia

Pele Lautala (Poach of Hapuka with Pele leaves and capsicum)

500gm Hapuka 
Pele Leaves (substituted with Silver Beet)
Capsicum (Red, Green, Yellow and Orange)
Salt and Pepper
Fresh lime juice

Slice Hapuka thinly 
Julienne capsicum 
Fry capsicum for about 1 minute, and season
Lay about 20cm of glad wrap on a flat surface and arrange Hapuka, adding a layer of silver beet (or pele leaves) on top and then the capsicum in one line in the middle
Using the glad wrap to roll it and tie each end (like rolling sushi)
Wrap tin foil around Hapuka package and roll each end 
Using a fork or needle poke holes in the Hapuka roll
Poach for 10 minutes in the poaching liquid below (boiling)

Poaching liquid
Salt and pepper
Lemon grass
Kaffir lime leaves

Bring to before boiling point and simmer

Diced taro (boiled and cooked)
Avocado (diced)
Cherry tomatoes (cut into quarter)
Spring onion (sliced)
Coriander (sliced)
Sea salt
Crack pepper
Fresh lime juice

Mix all together 
Add lime juice and season to taste

(Broadcast 31 August 2012)