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No Fuss Fitness and Health Part 3

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With Lee-Anne Wann

No Fuss Tips This Week

Let's bring sexy back to water.
So under-rated but one of the fundamentals along with sleep for amazing health, vitality, fat loss and energy. It¡¦s such a common thing ¡V we under estimate the value and benefits of drinking water and often reach for a headache pill, a cookie or energy drink before even considering water.

- Party Water - sparkling with some diced strawberries for an extra vitamin C hit and the party feel.
- Refreshing Water - add some cucumber to reduce inflammation and fluid retention.
- Pep Me Water - warm water and pieces of lime to help pep the liver and flush the body.
- Energy Water - 1 tsp Chia seeds, 1 tsp sweete and water for your energy hit.

Don't make a move.
Conditioning and working your body does not always have to be about sweating and doing extreme movements. Isometric exercise is a way you can condition and tone body parts while remaining perfectly still.
It's a great way to make movement part of your daily routine and habits quickly without stressing about finding the time.

- In the car - bicep brace
- In the office - glute clench
- Before you get out of bed - thigh activator
Aim for 3-4 times per week 10-15 holds for 3-5 seconds

Spice it Up.
Spices are great for making a flavoring meal, and they have been shown to provide many health benefits.
Spices such as cinnamon can help lower blood sugar and curb cravings. Research indicates cinnamon as one of the most effective foods for lowering glycemic response. I often use with clients who present with insulin issues - remember insulin is our fat storage hormone so the lower we can keep it the better. Adding cinnamon to coffee can increase the amount of Antioxidants (good guys) that help improve insulin sensitivity.

- Add to your morning smoothie
- Help the health benefits of your morning coffee with a dash of cinnamon
- Sprinkle over roasted vegetables before cooking
- Mix in with yoghurt or cottage cheese

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(Broadcast 18 June 2012)