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Nicky Wagner's recipes - 27 October

Asparagus chicken

Ice cream delight

The Big One: Asparagus Chicken

Rotisserie chicken (or cooked chicken)
Cheese sauce - with good tasty cheese
Fresh asparagus spears (or a can)
3 hard boiled eggs

1. Break chicken into bite sized pieces. 
2. Layer the chicken, sliced eggs and asparagus in an open casserole dish and pour over the cheese sauce. 
3. Sprinkle top with tasty cheese, 
4. Cook for 20mins at 180 then grill till the top is brown and bubbly 
5. Sprinkle with parsley 
6. Serve with a green salad and crusty bread.

After Shock: Chocolate Ice-cream Delight!

A packet Eskimo Pies  (contains 6 individually wrapped chocolate coated ice cream blocks)

Place each on desert plates, decorate with one of the following:

- Fresh berries - some mashed, some whole
- Kiwifruit
- Whipped cream and chopped nuts and cherries
- Fresh peach slices
- Mango slices (canned)
- passionfuit

Sprinkle with icing sugar, attach a wafer, drizzle with fruit coulis.