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Music Video Tips

Tips for filming and editing your music Video!

Your video must not exceed 90 seconds in total duration.

  • Set your camera to the PAL TV system
  • 25 frames per second, interlaced - if you can.
  • If your camera can only do the NTSC TV system - 30 fps send it in anyway!
  • If you have a High Definition (HD) camera - see if it can be set to 25 fps or the setting "50i".
  • Be aware that HD shot at 30 fps will look a bit "jumpy" when we play it 'on-air'
    - Quicktime (MOV), AVI, MPG, WMV, DV, DiVX, XviD or MPEG-4 files (mp4 or m4v) are all fine.
    - Use AVC (H.264), DV, M-JPEG (AMV), Photo JPEG, or Apple Intermediate CODECs if possible.
  • Sound should be PCM (WAV or AIFF), AAC, MPEG or MP3, or AC3 (A52).
  • Send us the file on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM in Windows (Joilet) or Mac (HFS) or UDF formats.
  • If making a video DVD on your computer - make sure the DVD authoring program matches your camera. i.e. If the camera is NTSC, make sure the software is also NTSC. ( *HINT* Most computer programs default to NTSC so double check your Preferences if your camera is PAL)
  • Don't try and convert NTSC or HD to PAL. Leave that to us.
  • Alternatively, upload your recording to You Tube and make sure you send us the right URL and video title!
  • Do not "fade" the vision at the start and end of your video.
  • Do not use captions - graphics and special effects are fine though.