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Motivational astrology July forecast

With GiGi Sosnoski

Keep Looking Up! Ltd.  Motivational Astrology July Forecast

Encouraging the Child Within!

Play. You've got to do more of it. As adults, we often become enmeshed in worries, fears, and doubts which only limit our lives. These negative emotions are not what define us, but rather what stand in our way. By encouraging the playful, curious, expressive side of our selves the child within us we can open ourselves to more possibility thinking and optimistic expression!

The Astrological energies for July inspire us to cherish and nurture the youthful part of us that wants to believe, to trust, to jump into life with open arms! This month brings a warm embrace of child-like exuberance, nudging us to release our fears and be more loving and caring of ourselves, our relationships and our futures.

How do July's Astrological energies reflect in our 6 major life areas? Here are some highlights:

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Acceptance. Like nature around us, our growth depends on our ability to move with the wind, be flexible, loosen our preconceived notions, and treat our loved ones (and ourselves) with greater reverence. This is the month to release baggage from previous attachments - let go of gossip, grudges and gripes - and be more lighthearted and accepting in our relationships. Stop resenting and start respecting! Playful communications, flirtations, and laughter draw others to you and creates stronger bonds. Snuggling and sentimentality rule! The New Moons on the 1st and 31st of this month bring new romance or a re-commitment to an existing connection.

WORK: Build security. Have a system in place for setting and tracking your goals. Keep on top of your "to-dos"- but it's equally important to have a "do not do" list to keep from getting overwhelmed! Work some play time (as well as nap time!) into your daily schedule. Forget multi-tasking concentrate on the issue at hand for maximum effectiveness! Offer support and encouragement for others without a hidden agenda. Use fun and humour in team building. Consideration and respectfulness with co-workers goes a long way now. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 15th brings ambition to get things accomplished, get business sorted and get organized regarding security issues. Jupiter/Pluto alignments on the 9th encourages career promotion and recognition.

FINANCES: Riches are linked to positive thinking. Being positive is the end result of playfulness, laughter and optimism. Even serious issues require a lighter view to keep the perspective. Explore creative approaches to savings. As a child you took joy in accumulating coins for something you wanted use that same technique now. This is the month of honouring the nest egg! Use curiosity and inquisitiveness to ask the right questions regarding your financial dealings. Mars/Saturn alignments on the 6th bring progress in business and economic issues. A favorable month in general for matters concerning restaurants, catering, real estate, building and child care issues.

HOME & FAMILY: Comfort. Recognize the importance of belonging and the feelings of security that comes from our family, our friends and the nurturing we derive from them. Coming to terms with Mother issues, hurt feelings, and memories attached to childhood is emphasized. Feed the caring instinct by finding ways to enhance home life while growing happy memories. Spend time with your children it will remind you of how it felt to be one and bring joy to your day (and to theirs!). Comfort food: this is the month to share dishes that are as much fun to make as they are to eat! The New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Cancer on 1 July indicates the beginning of long-term projects regarding housing and domestic concerns. This is an auspicious day to begin new endeavors and concentrate on what you want to manifest regarding family and home for the month ahead.

HEALTH: Laugh more. Laughter is the release of build-up nervous tension. When you laugh, your brain releases endorphins which reverse negativity. Reduce heart disease and strengthen immunity by easing up on fears and injecting some play time. Humour is most needed when going through difficult times find the lighter side of the issues. Be conscious of your mood and switch to "play" mode when feeling overwhelmed. Don't worry about looking silly that's part of the fun! Adopt or share a pet to play and cuddle it lowers blood pressure. Dance. Chant. Drum. Listen to a didgeridoo (all found to have therapeutic value). Yoga helps enhance mood, Omega 3 helps memory stay energized and green tea boosts antioxidants (which fends off cancer). Venus in Cancer for most of July emphasizes a time when self-nurturing is as important to honour as the care of others.

SELF: No Regrets. Live life without remorse or guilt. Mistakes are the stepping stones to an evolved life. Forgive and forget - we can't go back and erase what was. Keep your chin up and pat yourself on the back for making it this far! Banish the inner critic and intentionally smile at the ups and downs of life! Find more time to play - it encourages greater enjoyment of life. Smile more, be approachable. Complain less, compliment more. Be mindful of the difference between being child-like and being child-ish: leave temper tantrums, egocentric and whinny behavior behind! With Mercury in Leo for most of July we are more aware of our individual expression and the decisions we have made.

Birthdays: If you have a birthday on the following dates in July, here are some of the energies you can expect for your year ahead:

1 July (New Moon/Solar Eclipse): Your key word is: Realigning. Reassessing your life path and making major changes to the directions you're taking will bring new opportunity.

2-3 July (Sun square Saturn): Your key word is: Perseverance. By being patient, keeping confident, being positive and working to overcome obstacles, you achieve success.

15 July (Full Moon): Your key word is: Culmination. An emotional, eventful, anticipated year representing the completion of one cycle of life and the start of another. Accomplishment.

23-24 July (Sun inconjunct Neptune): Your key word is: Unburdening. Rid feelings of self-sacrifice or martyrdom in order to cultivate creativity, greater intuitive gifts and more feeling.

27-28 July (Sun trine Uranus): Your key word is: Excitement. New interests, unique encounters, greater creatively help bring optimism and mind expansion to all that you do.

29-30 June (Sun inconjunct Pluto): Your key word is: Moderation. Find more balance, discipline, and greater self-control in your dealings with others in order to succeed.

What can you look forward to in the months ahead? How can you utilize your energies and abilities to achieve greater success and happiness? Getting insight into your individual Astrology chart and forecast provides greater understanding of who you are and where you are going!! Give yourself the gift of learning about the personal power that exists within you with a Motivational Astrology reading it may just be the thing to finally help you find greater accomplishment and prosperity!

Jubilant July and Keep Looking Up!