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Motivational Astrology with GiGi Sosnoski: June

Motivational Astrology/Motivational Coaching Forecast June 2013


By GiGi Sosnoski: Keep Looking Up! Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.


Quote: Deep roots are not reached by the frost. - J.R.R. Tolkien


Theme: Finding Your Roots!


Our roots are usually considered to be about family, heritage or cultural traditions - but they're also about the foundation, center and essence of YOU. Your emotional roots are what allow you to grow as a person, experiencing life fully and without fear. This is the month to honour the framework of who we are as well as where we came from.

Appreciating your individuality, celebrating your unique talents and building your self-esteem are all important aspects of strengthening your emotional roots. Strong roots are the basis upon which we can build greater self-confidence and accomplish our dreams. By cultivating deeper self-awareness and propagating positive self-belief, we nourish all areas of life. Grow tall, proud and vibrant!


June is the time to focus on making your core, your personal roots, a more secure and empowered place. With inspiring Gemini and Cancer alignments urging us on, we can better connect and nurture positive energies in our lives with others and ourselves.

What insight can we find in the Astrological dynamics for June? Read on for your Monthly Motivation:


LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Stop making your self-worth conditional on other people. Let go of trying to live up to what you think others want you to be. Release the need to please. Strong relationships aren't built on following the expectations of loved ones. Stand up for yourself, express your opinions and honour the right to be who YOU are. In the weeks ahead work on building greater strength in relationships especially the relationship with yourself.

 **3 June Venus into Cancer: The need for security, safety and sanctity in relationships is strong. Nurturing energy toward others and self is emphasized. Sentimentality, sensitivity and snuggling are all sought after. Caring for home, family and support systems are highlighted now. Food equals love.


**9 June - Gemini New Moon (Matariki Maori New Year): Share! A new cycle of greater communication and understanding unfolds. A time to initiate plans and encourage fresh starts in our connections and conversations. Commemorate this day by gathering to share stories, discuss beliefs and renew contacts.


WORK & FINANCE: Is your work satisfying? Does it support your talents and abilities? What blockages or barriers stand in the way of being happier? Consider what you can do to feel more secure on the job. Is there some new skill, knowledge, guidance or experience you can acquire to increase your professional value or advancement? Take inventory of what makes you feel secure and satisfied as well as any obstacles you may have. Establishing a stronger sense of satisfaction in your work will give you greater confidence in all that you do!


**Mars in Gemini all month Energetic thinking, new interests and the ability to convert ideas into effective action are all at our disposal for the next few weeks! Our thoughts and expressions are now more diversified and curious. A great time to show what you know and consider your actions for communicating more effectively.


**27 June: Mercury in Cancer, goes Retrograde (to 21 July!). Focus on rethinking security issues with self, family and real estate matters. When the planet of thought and communication goes retrograde it is a favorable time to review and readdress what is and what isn't working. Reflect and reconsider what is important in your life, especially in areas effecting your emotional needs. What can you do to cultivate stronger foundations?


HOME & FAMILY: Family life, however complicated, shapes who we are. Feeling positive about our background, regardless of the challenges we may have faced, encourages emotional self-respect and feelings of solidarity. Understanding our heritage, culture and tribal traditions helps us to better know ourselves and how our beliefs and opinions came into being. Learn what you can from family, but honour yourself as a unique, empowered and worthwhile individual too.


**23 June - Capricorn Full Moon A time of illumination regarding both our personal and professional dreams. Serious consideration is given to greater structure, order, security and responsibility in our lives. We have more insight into practical undertakings, long term plans and future goals for ourselves and others. This is an excellent time to get organized, to weed out what is no longer working (clean out the closets!) in order to make room for new. 


HEALTH & SELF: Salute your strengths! Make it a habit to give yourself pep-talks they are great for affirming self worth and upgrading your inner dialogue. Let go of negative speak or self doubt. Remind yourself how truly amazing, loveable and unique you are! This is the month to care for yourself with nurturing energy and positive affirmations! Honouring your special qualities is good both for you and for those you share them with!


**21 June - Sun into Cancer: The Solstice! Welcome the first day of summer for the Northern Hemisphere and the first of winter in the Southern. This marks a turning point in the cycle of the year and in our lives. We now open to new beginnings with greater expectation for the season ahead. Now is the time to pay more attention to security issues, emotionally and physically, with ourselves and those in our lives.



If you have a birthday on one of the following dates in June, here are some of the energies you can expect for your year ahead:


*1 June (Sun sextile Uranus and square Pluto) Your Key Word: Change!  Realigning ambitions while transforming emotional blockages brings the opportunity to reach objectives, gain success.


*9 June (Gemini New Moon) Your Key Word: Interaction! Exchanging knowledge, sharing information, new learning and connections with others brings fresh excitement and growth of expression.


*19 June (Sun conjunct Jupiter) Your Key Word: Enthusiasm! Your positive mind-set, eager disposition and philosophical viewpoint encourages confidence and helps you achieve your goals with gusto!


*23 June (Capricorn Full Moon) Your Key Word: Perseverance! With focus on personal drive, realistic dreams and stick-to-it determination, emotional and professional advancement manifests.


*25 June (Sun trine Saturn) Your Key Word: Ambition! Common sense and self confidence will allow you to take on responsibilities and organize your goals for success!


*26 June (Sun trine Neptune) Your Key Word: Creativity! Imagination and intuitive talents combine to promote greater artistic and spiritual advancement.


**Joy-filled June to all Star Lovers!** Much advancement and abundance to each of you in the weeks ahead! May this new month provide you with greater opportunity for self expression, self-awareness and the fulfillment of your dreams.


***The above are some general Astrological energies happening in June, but what is going on for YOU personally? How do the planets affect your individual life and future? What can YOU do to better plan and prepare for what is ahead?


Having a Motivational Astrology Reading/ Coaching Session would give you the answers you seek and more! A session provides you with greater awareness of who you are, what's currently happening in your life and what you can look forward to in your future! Help yourself to understand more of your talents, overcome your blockages, develop your goals and reach your full potential! Contact me today for an appointment: Keep Looking Up / Positive Skies !


With Much Warmth, Heart and StarLight,

-GiGi Sosnoski

Keep Looking Up Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.

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