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Motivational Astrology December Forecast

Keep Looking Up! Ltd.  Motivational Astrology December Forecast
By GiGi Sosnoski

THEME: Savour the Moment!

"Forever is composed of Nows" (Emily Dickinson)

This moment. It's what you know you have for sure. Although we are functioning in the here and now we're often distracted by what was or what will be. Consequently we're neither here nor there! Being in the now is crucial to our success as our future hinges on our ability to pay attention to the present.

Make each moment count. Letting go of fearful or negative chatter that clutters our minds helps us to be more "here" and more positively effective. When we are optimistically alert in the present, we have greater likelihood of having a more promising future. As we enter the final month of 2011, we are encouraged to be fully present in all that we do, savouring each instant of our lives. December's planetary energies draw to our attention the nuances that we might usually miss, the delightful details in our daily doings and the joy of being in the moment!

How will December's Astrological energies assist us in making the most of this month as we look forward to 2012? Read on:

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Recognizing that our loved ones have the right to be who or what they are helps us live in the moment. As you've been given freedom of choice, so have they so it is up to you to accept others as they are. Let go of the preconceived assumptions of what others should be. The minute we give people the right to be themselves, we drop all expectations, which enables us to appreciate them more in the present moment.

Mercury's forward motion from the 14th signals an advantageous time for gatherings, events and communications with others. The Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 18th is a time when we can express our thoughts and feelings with much intensity, while the Capricorn New Moon on Christmas offers a new cycle of practical beginnings.

WORK: Focus. Often when we are at work we think about going on holiday. When we on holiday we worry about work. Life unfolds in the present, and you can't be successful in your work or business by being scattered. Multitasking, although appealing, does not make you effective. To be better at what you do, and to advance in your endeavors, do one thing at a time and do it to your fullest.

With Mars in Virgo all December, we are drawn to the details - so a great month for putting our energies into organizing and finishing up year-end work or D-I-Y projects! As well, the Sun moving into Capricorn on the 22nd brings a new period of formulating our plans for the future with practical consideration.

FINANCES: When we worry about past investments and are consumed with future plans we miss the opportunities of now. It's important to have goals, and to keep heading in a forward direction financially, but the work of getting there will never happen unless we live consciously in the present. Being mindful of what is going on in your life at the moment, without guilt from the past or expectation of the future puts you in a better position for realizing your dreams. Major purchases and financial agreements are given the green light when Mercury in Sagittarius goes Direct on the 14th. As Venus leaves Capricorn on the 20th our sober view on resources becomes more innovative, while Jupiter's forward motion on the 26th signals renewed financial optimism.

HOME & FAMILY: The greatest holiday gift to yourself, home and family is to be attuned to the present. Release the preconceived notions of celebratory gatherings it will never be perfect nor will it please everyone. In trying to manifest the ideal event you miss the small delights that go in to making the occasion festive. Let go of the grand goals and be aware of the merry moments! This is the month to savour the simplicities: the sounds, surroundings and sensations of home, hearth and family! The Sun and New Moon in Capricorn on the 25th highlights a time for being grateful and finding joy in the simple pleasures of our families and traditions.

HEALTH: When we train ourselves to live more in the moment, we have better ability to focus and manage our energy. By being present, our momentum is not lost to numerous distractions, thus giving our actions the full attention they deserve. Numerous health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, stress relief, reduced levels of pain and greater positivity are direct results of learning to live in the here and now! December's Mars/Virgo pairing helps us to keep focus on our energy and activities while also keeping us on track with health and diet during the holidays.

SELF: Loosen up! Don't worry about what others think or say about you. Everyone is too busy worrying about themselves! Being mindful reduces self-consciousness, as your focus is more on the whole experience rather than on your self-esteem. As you concentrate less on the "chatter" in your mind, you appreciate more what's going on around you enjoying the setting, feelings and sensations of things. This is a great time to be cultivating a nonjudgmental awareness of yourself and others. With Uranus direct in Aries beginning on the 10th we have a better opportunity for innovative awareness.

Birthdays: If you have a birthday on the following dates in December, here are some of the energies you can expect for your year ahead:

1-2 December (Sun square Mars) Your key word: Energy! Much enthusiasm and drive for reaching ambitions, but cultivate patience and plan carefully to advance successfully.

18 December (Full Moon in Gemini, Lunar Eclipse) Your key word: Communication. New interests, mental work, learning and connections culminates in greater feelings of self worth.

19-20 December (Sun sextile Saturn) Your key word: Competence. Demonstrating your efficiency, integrity and sincerity will help you to succeed and be recognized for your work.

20-21 December (Sun sextile Neptune) Your key word: Imagination. Utilizing your creative talents, inspiration and visionary sense will help you manifest the picture that you want!

22 December (Summer Solstice/Sun square Uranus) Your key word: Balance. Find ways to add excitement to the balance of work and play!

25 December (New Moon in Capricorn) Your key word: Beginnings. Embarking on practical plans, new responsibilities and detailed directions brings accomplishment and success.

28-29 December (Sun conjunct Pluto) Your key word: Intensity. Although competitive energy abounds, have common sense and keep an eye on extremist tendencies with others.

How can you make use of these energies in your own individual chart? What do they show for your 2012 year ahead and how can you best take advantage of them? Getting insight into your individual Astrology chart and forecast provides greater understanding of who you are and where you are going!! Give yourself the gift of learning about the personal power that exists within you with a Motivational Astrology reading it may just be the thing to finally help you find greater accomplishment and prosperity!

Delightful December to All and Keep Looking Up!

With Much Warmth and StarLight,
-GiGi Sosnoski

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About GiGi

GiGi Sosnoski is a World-wide Motivational Astrologer and Motivational Life Coach who helps individuals understand their talents and unique gifts, as well as how to use life's challenges as positive motivational energies. Using a person's unique Astrology chart, GiGi can encourage and inspire individuals to appreciate their abilities and also find the best times ahead for utilizing them!  For further information or to book a reading with GiGi you can go to her website or her Keep Looking Up! Facebook page or phone her on 04 905 1996 to speak with her personally.