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Monday 5 April

Brendon catches up with our most famous comedy export, John Clarke aka Fred Dagg.

Brendon was at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and talked with international food journalist Jill Dupleix and her husband, restaurant critic, Terry Durack .

Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar is a hilarious new novel by London-based Kiwi author DJ (Diane) Connell. She is with us to tell us more about it.

Legend of Aotearoa's roots scene Tigilau Ness is here to tell us about Music of a Thousand Lovers, an music event he is involved with happening in Auckland this weekend.

Our favourite French chef Laurent Loudeac is here to make braised lamb casserole with autumn vegetables and couscous, with yummy chocolate truffles with a twist for dessert.

Nutritionist Claire Turnbull is here to help us keep our energy levels and metabolism up with Smart Snacking.

Doggie style is big business! Dog grooming specialist Calley Benson tells us how this could be a business opportunity for you!

Psychic medium Sue Nicholson is here to help. Join us as she answers viewers' questions.

Movie Reviewer Liam Ryan looks at the Oscar-winning drama The Hurt Locker, school-holiday winner Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang and Kiwi gem Home by Christmas .

Home hints enthusiast Carole Kenealy is here with some tips on how to keep your pot plants and vase of flowers last longer!

Want gorgeous eyes? Of course you do! Makeup artist Petra Rijnbeek is with us to show us some tricks of the trade.

What's in store for you in April? Let's ask motivational astrologer Gigi Sosnoski .

Kiwi music reviewer Robyn Walker looks at Kiwi music legend Dave Dobbyn's new album, new albums from the Ruby Suns, Usual Suspects, Edwin Derricutt and Minuit.

Hosiery has never been so hot! Sally-Ann Moffat can show us how to wear them and how to make them last.