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Monday 27 June

We sit down with Jennifer Ward-Lealand ahead of her role as the iconic Marlene Deitricht in Nelson Festival play "Falling in Love Again"! 

Chef Michael Meredith of award-winning Auckland restaurant Merediths joins us for Mondays Masterclass. He's wowing us with fresh Tio Point Oysters with Sea Foam, and a dish of Jerusalem Artichoke, Organic Sprouts, Mushroom & Egg Yolk!

Then star chef Judith Cullen makes one dish winter meals: Pork with homemade Baked Beans, and Golden Baked Chicken & Mushrooms on Polenta.

Hair stylist Pete Burkill shows us how to make thin hair look voluminous!

Then fashion maven Linda Chandler is in to show off the full range of the classic sheath dress.

Editor Sido Kitchin brings us the latest gossip from Woman's Day magazine.

Film reviewer Gavin Rutherford is in with the latest film fare, including the Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz reunion Bad Teacher , and the hilarious Bridesmaids !

Play - you've got to do more of it this July! Motivational astrologer GiGi Sosnoski is in to tell us why.

Are you looking forward to a comfortable retirement with Government assistance? Theres no guarantee. Financial advisor Alan Clarke joins us to explain why we shouldnt place all our eggs in one basket.

Sideliners Keith Quinn and John McBeth talk through the week in sport.

What happens to our beloved pets when they die? Psychic medium Sue Nicholson demystifies the afterlife of animals.

And Carla Beazley and the crew from Zumba Tauranga present a Zumba workout! For more information see their website.