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Monday 24 August

Today it's Stage of Origin time! We have coverage from the event that pits our star rugby and league players against each other in Theatresport!

Steve's been hogging the latest New Zealand Woman's Weekly this morning tune in for the gossip!

Listen in for "Rhythm Interactive" drumming this morning. Their Auckland show is called "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" and John Boone can tell us more.

Are you blonde, brunette or redhead? Today hair stylist Richard Kavanagh has foolproof tips or choosing the right colour for you, and also demystifies the vast array of hair product on the market.

New Zealand Woman's Weekly Food Editor Helen Jackson cooks Mussel Fritters and Tamarillo Crumble.

'Four Ingredients' cooks Kim McCosker and Rachael Hermingham whip up easy gluten free recipes from their new book.

Beauty Expert Tamsin Marshall has tips for choosing foundation!

Psychic medium Sue Nicholson joins us now with answers for viewers in need of spiritual advice.

Music reviewer Simon Sweetman's here with the great Willie Nelson and a great giveaway for fathers' day!

Filmed in the provocative Hokianga in the far north, "The Strength of Water" is a new film from the pen of Briar Grace-Smith with first time feature film director Armagan Ballentyne.

Julz Darroch's here for our Monday workout.

And Keith Quinn's here to help us lay bets on the All Blacks game this weekend... Who will you bet on?