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Maynard Noordeloos's recipe - Oliebollen - 4 December

Oliebollen are a Dutch treat, traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve.

500g strong flour
25g yeast (dried)
10g salt
25g sugar
one egg
450ml milk (lukewarm)
25g melted butter
lemon essence or zest
500g soaked sultanas (washed)
50g mixed peel
Mix all ingredients except fruit and peel together in bowl with a wooden spoon or whisk until smooth and well developed.

Leave to bulk prove for 10 minutes, add fruit and peel (should be room temp.) and mix through.

Now use a ice cream scoop or two large table spoons and scoop into 170degC deep-fryer.

Fry on each side until golden brown all over.

Take out and drain on kitchen paper

Dust liberal with icing sugar and eat hot.