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Lyn Webster's farm cleaning recipes - 20 November

Moisturising Lotion - can be used all over body and as a night cream

100g Coconut oil
35g emulsifying wax
300ml hot water
150ml glycerine
Essential oil
Mica or food colouring

Melt oil and wax in microwave
Heat water and mix with glycerine
Carefully add hot oil mixture
Mix well
Add essential oils and colour
Mix well
Cool for 5 minutes
Mix again and pour into jars
Will set over night

Costs a few dollars to make yourself  - great to have down the shed as keeping your hands right is a real must. Can also use on cows teats.

Concrete/Shed Cleaner

2 cups washing soda
2 cups white vinegar (or equal parts of both)
Squirt of detergent
20 litres of warm water in a 20L bucket

Mould Removal

Straight white vinegar - spray it on full strength (instead of bleach) 
Hint: water things down with white vinegar to halve the cost ie: teat spray, navel spray, window cleaner.

Clean mould out of the dog bowl with white vinegar. Add a little white vinegar into dog drinking water to deal with fleas/mange cheaply.  Also works on town dogs.