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Laurent's Recipe - Pork Belly, Potato Gratin - 7 May


    Roti de pork farci aux prunes et ecorce d'orange

- De-boned pork belly (skin on) about 1-1.5kg
- salt and pepper
- 300-500gr pitted prunes soaked overnight in brandy with 1 orange rind
- cooking string
- rosemary, 2-3 sprigs
- dash of olive oil
- 100gr rock salt


 This is a very easy dish, very appropriate for cold sunday evenings and it makes the perfect roast to share with friends and family.

 In this dish, I use organic pork that is only supplied by Harrington smallgood at Moore Wilson. Its a little fattier, but the flavour is incredible.

 Score the skin with a knife (it avoids the skin shrinking too much when roasting), sprinkle rock salt all over it and leave for about 30min (it will make a more crispy crackling).

 After 1/2 hour, wash off salt, pat dry and put on bench skin down. If the belly is too thick it can be 'butterflied', which will make it easier to roll.

 On one end put the prunes and orange rind, season the meat and roll the pork belly so the prunes are inside it. Tighten up with the string

 Between string and skin slide some rosmary sprigs, season all over, add a dash of oil and cook in preheated oven (180c) for about 1h to 1h1/4.

 When ready, take out, cover with tin foil to keep heat and rest for 20mn to keep the juices in, which will keep your meat moist.

 Never slice a cooked meat straight out of the oven, always let it rest to let the juices settle.

 Slice and serve, you can use an apple sauce with it or just sauteed apples- perfect match!


 To go with it a good starch is potatoe gratin, same thing, a simple dish that will take as long as the pork to cook, so it will all be ready at the same time.



- work out 1 large potatoe per person, peeled and sliced.
- 1 small garlic cloves per person, finely sliced
- salt, pepper
- 50/50 milk and cream to cover
- grated cheese (gruyere is best but Tasty or Edam can do)
- pinch of nutmeg if you like it.
- 1 roasting dish, buttered

 Lay the sliced potatoes on the dish and slightly season between layer

 When 1/2 way there add the garlic and continue to cover with the sliced potatoes.

 Pour the milk/cream mixture just below the top. Add your cheese to cover and cook in the oven with the pork for about 1 hour.

 To check just put your knife thrue the gratin to feel the potatoes, they should be 'silky'. Let rest for 15min, covered with tin foil.

 p.s. If you use the nutmeg, add it to the cream/milk mix.